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of billions of dollars over the next 10 years. so the obama plan said they would bring to that figure, they would bring the growth down by $700 billion. only in washington is that called a cut. the amount spent would still be more than is being spent today. but it would not be as much more as previously forecast. >> there is also no guarantee the cut would actually happened. it is just a projection. so we are having an argument -- the obama people, to make the affordable care act look better, saying, here is all this money. it is not that they are proposing to cut medicare. they are saying the things we have done cut it. who knows? >> we will spend less than we believed we would have spent otherwise. but it will still be more than we are spending today. this is why you cannot talk about this issue. people's eyes glaze over. understandably so. the graphic in the washington post shows the elephant and adopt the back-to-back in the ring. >> in diapers in the sandbox. >> be in little kids. >> what item did not go in your article because he did not agree on it? >> that is a good question.
situation that is simply unsustainable and frankly, next year is the big window we have. right after the election, the first-year, either romney's first year or obama, who will never run for reelection again, so people will not have to worry about it. this will be the window to cut the budget in some significant way, or at least have an outline for cutting the budget, and reform the tax system in some kind of significant way. the question is, will it be the big picture reforms we need or will it be a 12-month solution? but they will have to do something that will hurt. i hate to say that. >> hurt everybody? >> yes. the only reason i would hesitate is that probably at the bottom of the income scale, he'd make sure they are not hurt. >> what would you say to someone watching the elections and listening to the candidates, and they all promise that if you elect me, everything will be fine? it happened four years ago. >> it happened eight years ago, 12 years ago, 14 years ago. everybody is not at the point to be fine. what i hope will happen is that we will have shared sacrifice. everyone
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)